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Diabetes Alert Dogs

We train diabetic alert dogs to make a difference - so others may live a life of difference.

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Diabetes Alert Dogs

We train diabetic alert dogs to make a

difference - so others may live a life of difference.

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Affordable rates - starting at $15,500, with payment plans starting at $350 per month with 0% payment plans available.

Learn to train your own DAD with our Cedar Oaks University Curriculum

Located in the heart of America and serving coast to coast.

Our dogs can learn how to do so much more than just sit, stay and roll over - service dogs can help make your life easier by helping monitor your health problems. All you need to do is sign up for a training program at CedarOak Kennels. We would love to work with you and provide you with a trained diabetic alert dog for your family!

Want to train a Diabetic Alert Dog for your child? Our staff has the necessary expertise and equipment to provide top-notch diabetic alert dog training!

About Our Business

We strive to make you and your canine companion a top priority - from our flexible hours to our affordable rates.

CedarOak Kennels started, as many small family businesses do, in our garage as a way to help pay the propane bill, and it quickly turned from a necessity to a passion for not only training diabetic alert dogs outside the field but, more importantly, for coaching others passionate about having a well-behaved service dog. CedarOak is often coined as a Gundog facility, and though that is the roots that piqued Founder Zach Kellerman's interest, WE ARE a diabetic Dog Training Facility where all disciplines of training are accepted and taught.

What we do:

  • Training - Gone are the days that we hover over our dogs and submit the dog into doing what we wish. Here at CedarOak, we use a balance between rewards and corrections to obtain the goals we have set for each individual medical alert dog.

  • Coaching - Training the dog is not enough if you, the owner, do not have the knowledge on how to maintain the training. So, we coach medical alert dog owners into the correct practices!

  • All Things Dogs - We can tailor a training program specific to your needs - we are here to create a personalized experience to meet your demands and expectations.

We Train Our Dogs To


We train dogs in the business of making people's lives operate as optimally as possible - from children to seniors.

Hyperinsulinism is a disease characterized by inappropriate secretion of insulin, causing its levels to be much higher than what is considered normal - these values vary from person to person on a case-to-case basis, based on age, gender, and other health factors. We have found through applied work that we can treat Hyperinsulinism Alert just like we do our Diabetic Alert Dogs - the scent picture is captured the same way, the intervention is done the same, and we are proud to say that our dogs make a difference.


Zach and Thor have been an absolute Godsend. Thor was trained as a diabetic alert dog for our infant with Hyperinsulinism. Zach was so incredible to work with. He really catered Thor's training around Emilia's needs and our needs as a big, active family. When Thor was delivered, Zach made sure I felt confident and capable to handle Thor before leaving. Communication has been excellent and Zach has continued to be an incredible resource whenever a question arises. I highly recommend Zach and CedarOak Kennels. Thor has been and an absolute blessing to Emilia and given us so much piece of mind."


CedarOak Kennels is the most reliable and professional kennel/dog trainer that I know of. They make sure to put your dog first before everything and they make sure the facility is clean for the wellness of the dogs. I have a diabetic alert dog now because of CedarOak Kennels! I trust this dog with my life and it is all because CedarOak Kennels focuses on properly training the dogs!

Alex B.


  • How Much Does a Trained Diabetic Alert Dog Cost?

The elephant in the room, cost can vary depending on hours needed to train your service dog and the custom package of your choosing. However, we know you would like some hard numbers. We encourage anyone seriously interested to inquire with our free application for a custom quote. With numbers varying from $15,500 to $32,000 we understand it can be quite a burden of already having medical expenses. Therefore, we offer financing with guaranteed rates. For example, with a down payment of $3100 monthly payment will be $338.85 a month for an entry level DAD.

  • How Does the Financing and Payment Work?

We offer financing through our partner Sweetpay, as well work with clients on individual payment plans

for $500/month. Clients have in the past financed through a third party vendor via Sweetpay, or chose our 48-month installment program with a guaranteed financing with Sweetpay. The other option, to avoid the interest rates, is to pay in full or through 6 different payments, with the first due at time of contract signing and the final payment being made at time of delivery of your Medical Alert Dog. We ask that prior to filling out our financing application that you apply for a Service Dog with us first at the top of this page.

  • What Exactly is a Service Dog?

ADA Definition - Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities -

CedarOak Kennels definition - Service Animals are dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities that are articulable while maintaining handler focus under distress of any distraction or obstacle.

These dogs and their handlers have public access rights under three major laws: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), The Fair Housing Act, and The Air Carrier Access Act.

  • How Does a DAD Detect Lows and Highs?

We collect scent directly from you to create a scent picture that will allow for your DAD to make an immediate impact on your life. We have even been known to beat CGM's, important to note we encourage the use of any and all medical devices that make life easier for any persons of disability and we will email you on "how to collect scent" after signing a contract agreement.

  • Do I Qualify for a Diabetic Alert Dog?

We do not require a prescription or note from an MD for type 1's. However, do ask that type 2's consult with your doctor first and provide us with a note.

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